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lucky you were born so far away, so that we could both make fun of distance
lucky that I love a foreign land, for the lucky fact of your existence

but isn’t everyone a fan of b1a4


gongchan is a really kind and good person.. he loves children and if he wasn’t an idol he says he’d be a kindergarten teacher. he’s extremely considerate, sometimes so much that he puts others way ahead of himself tbh. he went through promotions on painkillers because he didn’t want to interrupt them then had his kidney removed when they ended? he insisted on delaying the surgery to wm and the members didn’t even know about the situation. he left the countryside for seoul to train, debuted when he was 17 and cried as soon as he saw his family on his 18th birthday. he’s the youngest member but in his family he’s the oldest sibling so the others always say they rely on him as much as he relies on them. when they would scold him he would hide in a closet and cry. because he became a trainee while so young he’s never dated before and looks forward to his first love. his heart is really big idk why i wrote this but i want everyone to know

hyuktastic asked,
40, 41, 42 c:

40. Your favourite games

Honestly, I’m not much of a gamer. I play otome games from time to time, but that doesn’t really count, right? When it comes to games, though, I was really fond of the Tony Hawk games because I really liked skateboarding ;~; I play FIFA14 right now and I’m still waiting to start on 15 but the controls look so weird mang ;;;

41. Your favourite books

I love reading books of two types mainly - weird YA romance fiction about faeries and ghosts or historical fiction laced with a good dose of conspiracy theories! Some of my recent favourites are all books by Juan Gomez-Jurado, Agatha Christie (all-time fave) and the Mediator series by Meg Cabot! I also love reading trivia books oops

42. Your favourite play

I’m not that much of a theatre person, I prefer me some concert or dance performance but of all the plays I’ve seen (read: not many), I really liked the stage adaptation of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie…! Maybe because I wasn’t expecting the ending…!

Anonymous asked,
I'm going to write about my depression, I have a lot in my system right now, and I just have to let it out, I'm sorry if I'm a pest. But, it all started when I was about 5 or 6, my father physically abused me several times and he continued up until I was about 10 or 11, when he left a deep bruise on my brother, and pulled a handful of hair from my head. He continued to verbally abuse me though. I stopped being excited all the time, so I went to a psychologist who the same day called the

(2/2) government, I stayed at my grandmas house that evening (she didn’t know what happened) when my mom picked me up, and we got home, my dad started yelling at me because I didn’t come home. This happened about six months ago, and the thing with the government have actually stopped, but all the harm it did it can’t be healed, I mean like, I still selfharm because of various of reasons, and I still cry myself to sleep, and I feel like nothing has gotten better, and I don’t know why

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Eunkwang’s real target

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seokshine asked,
the last thing i copied "stop waiting for the right person to come into your life. be the right person to come to someone’s life."

you should send that to me js

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소중한 적흑

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11. Your sleeping patterns

They used to be very regular, 8+ hours but as of late I don’t think I sleep for more than 3-4 hours a day and I don’t think my body can take it but all I’m waiting for is midterms to end so I can make up for it by sleeping for 16+ hours

19. Your worst mistake

Despite seeming very self-assured, I find it hard to say no. I keep on making that mistake.

32. Your likes

Music, colours, technology, design, physics, understanding, arts and crafts, making things, astrology, ilhoon, stars, vintage stuff e.g., fashion, movies etc, pink and red, ??? tea, starbucks yeah i’m pretty generic lmao

33. Your dislikes

being ignored, being overlooked, animal prints, being forced to do anything, beer, lack of respect, gaudiness

48. Your role model/inspiration

I’M ONLY GONNA TALK ABOUT ONE HERE TBH and that’s audrey hepburn, because she’s honestly an ideal woman and her quotations make my life and I love her so much and she is someone whom I just wanna be y’know and she’s honestly great and lovely and her positive outlook is so amazing

Anonymous asked,
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4. Your best friend

Would it sound mean if I say it’s always changing? Because I’ve moved around so much as a kid, I’ve made a lot of close friends but not really a ‘best’ friend. The two I’ve been friends the longest with, one hurt me over something very personal and another one basically forgot about me once she got a boyfriend, lol but as of right now, my irl closest friend is someone i meet and talk to on a daily basis, we go out to eat often and she’s always there to listen to me and I really !!! appreciate her for going everywhere with me and tolerating me !!!

as for online friends, there’s a a few and they know who they are <3

5. Your worst friend

kind of stemming off the last post but, honestly, she went and took the tattoo design i had designed and been wanting since about 7th grade like it was the most normal thing ever and that really hurt me, but what hurt me more I think was how she played it off like it was so casual and showed it off with so much of pride even though ??? my design my meaning ??? but not on me ???

50. Your clothes

I really like clothes, tbh, I have a lot more than the average teenager I think but at the same time, I can’t wear all that I want to because I absolutely hate my body and ??? think most of the clothes I wear look terrible on me ??? but I really love skate fashion and florals to death, I have a lot of floral patterns in everything I wear! no animal prints whatsoever, though, I hate them >_< but my real passion is shoes, but that’s for another story~

(sends more bc why not) hyunseong, key, aoi shouta (not an idol but), kyungsoo, and jung eunji~


he’s got a greatttt sile odg hold me and he’s my boyfriend bias i love his smile and he’s just so caring and sensitive like bawwww


out of all idols, he’s my role model because i see how he’s changed his negative traits into positive ones and dude i wanna do the same too


oh my GOd where do i start dude i had him as a fb friend back when he was known as show t a a n d i loVE HIS FACE AND HIS VOICE SO MUCH AND HE’S A LIL SCAREDY BABY AND ALL ABUT I OLOVE HIM SO MCUh


the weakness i have for this boy is insane, like i feel like i have true fan-idol feelings for this boy, mang. he might be a lil spawn of satan but he can be anything he wants with me mmhmm

also, voice. enough said.


THE COOLEST OF THE COOL she’s a personality i admire so much and her happy virus is what makes the world go around and she’s truly a shining light and her voice is fab and i love eunji will she marry me

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